Momentum 17: A Recap of #DSM17 Day 2

May 8, 2017 Chris McMath


While there were too many sessions to list here, the #DSM17 conference focused on three main components: Business Impact, Product Expertise, and Developer sessions. No matter their industry, interests, or title, attendees had access to firsthand testimonials from both customers and partners on how to best leverage the DocuSign technology and its numerous integrations. DocuSign employees themselves also led many of our sessions, revealing relevant, applicable best practices attendees could apply and customise upon returning home.

Keynote Luncheon: Digital Hero Award Winners

At noon, hundreds of our attendees congregated in the Grand Ballroom to see Ella Dillon, VP of customer service at DocuSign, reveal the five recipients of our first ever Digital Hero Awards:

  • Principle 1: Delight Your Customers – Jenny Lester, Research Manager, Cedars-Sinai Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute

“Regardless of title, regardless of industry, these people have seen an opportunity, put through the whole playbook, executed, and unlocked massive results for their company,” said Dillon, before introducing the first award winner, Jenny Lester. She [Lester] took a laborious, horrible process that took weeks and weeks and took it down to days. She increased enrollment by 4.3 times,” said Dillon.

  • Principle 2: Grow Your Business – Mark Hansen, VP Software Development, LoanDepot.

Next to the stage was Mark Hansen. “This gentleman took his homegrown document exchange portal, downloaded DocuSign, and did nothing short of creating an automated system end-to-end for all those interactions digitally,” said Dillon. “He now has 12,000 his organisation is able to process weekly.”

  • Principle 3: Reduce Your Costs – Susan Armstrong, SVP Global Process Improvement, Equifax

Susan Armstrong was also recognised by Dillon: “She saves her company over 200,000 monthly with all the best practices she’s managed to introduce to Equifax.”

  • Principle 4: Increase Security & Compliance – Tony Carr, VP Global Quality Systems, Boston Scientific

Our final two award winners were Tony Carr and Paul Higginbotham. “Tony Carr is our #1 user of our Part 11 Module,” said Dillon. He created a release management process that took his errors down to zero, met compliance, and increased patient safety.”

  • Principle 5: Effectively Leverage Technology – Paul Higginbotham, Engineering General Manager, Microsoft HR, CELA & Enterprise Platforms

“Paul aimed to get rid of paper inside the organisation, streamline processes and workflow, and wanted to go big and centralise service across the organisation. His company is Microsoft. That is no small feat,” said Dillon.  

The award winners went on to discuss precisely how they leveraged eSignature technology within their organisations, the challenges they face, and best practices they recommended to those aiming to innovate with the help of DocuSign’s technology.

Hackathon Winners

Marie Huwe, VP of Developer Marketing, was first to the stage to discuss the Hackathon and introduce Google’s Head of Global Technology Partners, Nan Boden. “One of the great things about a Hackathon? What can happen in 24 hours,” said Huwe. Together, Huwe and Boden announced the Hackathon winners:

  • Sign & Pay: Charit-E
  • Mobile: FUPS
  • Google + DocuSign: GSuiteSign Event Organizer
  • Hackathon Grand Prize Winner: DocuLock

The two went on to discuss Techbridge Girls, an after-school program for girls with a passion for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM): “For us, this Hackathon was about innovation, but it was also about inclusion. The special part of this was to make a difference for Techbridge Girls and what they’re doing for girls in STEM,” said Huwe.

A team of developers worked together during the Hackathon to Hack-for-Good and develop an end-to-end digital solution that would allow volunteers, parents/guardians, and the Techbridge girls themselves to access and sign the documents required to participate in Techbridge.

Techbridge Girls CEO Nikole Collins-Puri then took the stage. “We believe fully that by combining what we do in the classroom with career expiration and exposure to role models that we truly have the ability to create a secret sauce that ensures our girls can change the world. But, we know it takes partners like each of you in this room. We need you to inspire and encourage our girls to access their own untapped potential no matter their economic status or skin colour. We believe to our core that girls belong and that they can contribute to and lead this industry.”

Huwe and Collins-Puri then brought four Techbridge Girls who had not only attended the Hackathon but served as judges for the challenges. “This program opened my mind to the possibilities of being a woman in the engineering field,” said one student.

Collins-Puri went on to announce the Techbridge Girls Hack-for-Good winner: Techbridge 2.0 

“As you can see here I have a beautiful one-year-old daughter. Upon hearing the mission of this program, it’s something that resonated with me on a deeper level. I was inspired to be able to create a product that would create an easy solution to streamline the process,” said one of the winning developers.

Our CEO Dan Springer then took to the stage to make a $5,000 contribution from DocuSign to Techbridge using DocuSign Payments and added that he would personally match the donation.

“Thank you all very much and we’ll see you all at the next Momentum,” said Springer.

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