What Makes a Digital Hero? Meet the Award Winners from MomentumX London

September 18, 2017 Chris McMath

At MomentumX London, the inaugural Digital Hero awards celebrated five people who have championed change to achieve extraordinary results with DocuSign.
One of the highlights of MomentumX London was our recognition of five digital heroes. But just what is a digital hero?

While the term itself may be new to you — the hard work, dedication, and innovation behind the name is already all around us. Intern to CEO, cubicle to boardroom, anyone in any department can be a Digital Hero. No matter the role or responsibility, they all champion one or more of five principles to shift the status quo to what “could be.” Forward-thinking individuals who are shaping digital strategies and spearheading projects, big and small, to digitise and automate manual processes. 

The 5 Principles of a Digital Hero

We’ve broken the values that make up a Digital Hero into 5 Principles:

  • Delighting customers: This award is for those who have significantly helped to streamline and improve the end to end customer experience
  • Growing their business: This award is for those who have helped to grow their business, whether by increasing sales capacity, getting to revenue faster, or improving document visibility
  • Reducing costs: This award is for those who have reduced costs for their business by eliminating printing and shipping, speeding up processes, or increasing staff productivity
  • Increasing security & compliance: This award is for those who have diligently enforced corporate standards and kept up with compliance laws for the benefit of their company and its customers
  • Effectively leveraging technology: This award is for those who have innovatively utilised the digital tools at their disposal to improve usability, augment workflows or enhance integrations

And the winners are…

At MomentumX London, we hosted the inaugural Digital Hero awards, formed to celebrate the people who have championed change to achieve extraordinary results with DocuSign. These folks represent the five principles of what it means to be a digital hero. Here are the winners:

Delighting customers

During Mary’s time on the Business Transformation team, Mary digitised AIB’s car finance process with DocuSign, resulting in a better experience for AIB’s partners and their partners’ customers. Mary has also helped to champion DocuSign in different departments, resulting in interesting new use cases that have improved other business processes.

Growing their business

By rolling out DocuSign across all of Countrywide’s head office HR operations, from offer letters to employment contracts, Natalie has increased the conversion rate of potential hires at the offer stage within Countrywide and made considerable cost savings for the business.

Reducing costs

Over the last 4 years with DocuSign, Belinda’s team have grown from 8 users to 50 users and have moved from highly manual processes to using DocuSign for legal NDAs and executive approvals. This has resulted in a 50% increase in efficiency and CBRE now plans to expand DocuSign’s usage to the other EMEA office locations.

Increasing security & compliance

Having implemented DocuSign to satisfy compliance for the finance industry, Rohit has been involved in regulatory programmes that have reached over 16 million customers. Barclays’ use of DocuSign has meant that customers can update their details with easy to market and quick to assemble document templates.

Effectively leveraging technology

Eshani has been the driving force behind DocuSign being implemented at Expedia Affiliate Network (EAN), owning the change management. As a result of her work with DocuSign and Salesforce, EAN has reduced the average signing time from twenty days to six days.

We hope MomentumX London has inspired you all to be digital heroes within your own organisations, finding new ways that you can make your mark, pushing back against what has “always been done that way” and taking a more innovative digital stance that will drive your business forward. Here are some resources that will enable you to do just that.

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